Helping Parents: Grades K-5

Helping Parents: Grades K-5 Helping Parents: Grades K-5

As your child takes those first independent steps out into the world, there are things parents can do to guide them and help keep them safe. Helping Parents: Grades K-5 brings expert advice and proven parenting skills right to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This app puts at your fingertips easy to use skills that can help parents create stronger relationships with the school-aged children as they begin to venture out into the big world.

Helping Parents: Grades K-5 allows you to:

  • View video dramatizations of common family situations
  • Choose from three different endings to each story
  • Learn the most effective parenting skills to use in each situation
  • Read from a comprehensive collection of articles that contain parenting tips and advice for building strong and nurturing families

The more than a dozen video dramatizations present situations including:

  • Angry Outbursts
  • Morning Routines
  • Talking Back
  • Steeling Money
  • Fighting Siblings

See how the parents in the scenes handle the situation and get feedback on the basic Dos and Don’ts of successful parenting. 

With over 50 articles to choose from, you can find proven strategies on challenges like:

  • Bullying – What Parents Can Do
  • Ignoring Annoying Behaviors
  • Healthy Ways to Express Anger
  • Raising Children in Multiple Cultures
  • Tips for Single Parents

Easy to use! Essential for every parent of a young child!